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5 Quests Escape Rooms offer an ‘Escape the Room’ experience – a new and emerging type of fun day out activity to enjoy with your friends and family.

Do you have a favourite movie or a story? Indiana Jones, James Bond, Space Odyssey, Harry Potter.

Imagine yourself in your favourite movie scene. You are behind Voldemort’s desk in his office, in a space ship, in a pharaoh’s tomb or in a secret spy layer. Your task is to figure out what happened or to find a hidden object or to disable the artificial intelligence in just 60 minutes or else.

Everything is so real that you get fully absorbed into the game and the tasks at hand. You can touch everything and each turn in the game brings you a new discovery. 

The fun of the escape room is in the discovery of clues, the solving of the puzzles, and the race against the clock. Here, at 5 Quests the setting that you are playing the game in is as equally important as quality puzzles and challenges.

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Come and try it out!

Great for Families, Groups of Friends, Teens Parties and any other occasions.

Here’s what to expect:

When you come to 5 Quests, you’ll escape from the world for one hour. You would feel as if you and your friends have become a part of a movie.

Teams from 2 to 8 people in one game. Teams up to 15 max can split into two team and play two games simultaneously as a competition challenge.

Any age from 12+ to adult.

Children from 9+ years of age can play as part of an adult’s team. Not suitable for younger children due to complexity of the puzzles.

Price: from 20 euro per person, depending on your group size.

5 Quests Escape Rooms – Pharaoh’s Tomb

In the Pharaoh’s Tomb escape room you are investigating the secret of a hidden tomb, the room is appropriately themed and decorated to appear as if you have stepped into a lost Ancient Egyptian tomb chamber and not 123 Anywhere Street, Suite D.


Difficulty Level: Medium
Age: 14+
Time: 60 minutes   
Price: 3-6 people @ €25 euro per person / 7-8 people @ €20 euro per person.


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5 Quests Escape Rooms – Jungle Quest

When playing the Jungle Quest escape game, your team is lost in the Jungle (real Jungle) and must find a way out, you’ll feel as if you’re a part of the secret quest and everything around is alive.


Difficulty Level: Medium
Age: 14+
Time: 60 minutes
Price: 3-6 people @ €25 euro per person / 7-8 people @ €20 euro per person.


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Don’t know which game to choose? Never played Escape the Room game before?

Try the Escape Special

A shorter version of the two games above. You play 30 minutes in each game. Total time is 60 minutes. Two different games. Two different worlds. Try out various puzzles. Get a feel for what Immersive Escape Games are about. It’s a lot of fun and good positive energy. 5 Quests guarantee you’ll want to come back to play a full game. Get 20% discount voucher for your second game.

Teams of 2 to 7 people – play Jungle Quest 30 minutes and then Pharaoh’s Tomb 30 minutes. Total cost 20 euro per person. Total time 60 minutes. Free coffee/tea and biscuits. 

Teams of 8 to15 people – split in two teams and play our “Encounter” mode. You and your friends play against each other for the best Escape Time. Get hold of the key to open the interconnecting door. 30 minutes in each room, 5 minutes coffee break and then swap. Both teams get to try two games and have a lot of fun.

Cost €17 euro per person for the full 60 minutes. Free coffee/tea and biscuits. 

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Escape in 60 minutes from our Jungle or Ancient Egypt themed rooms. Have you got what it takes?

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Have a truly memorable time with your friends or family. Take lots of pictures to remember this day!

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We are very excited about the opportunity of bringing families closer together in a physical and safe play environment, friends getting to know each other better, corporates creating team building and collaboration opportunities, teens exploring different historical facts and learning something and simply having a great time with their friends. 

If you are new to Escape the Room games, this short video is a good example
“The CBS2 This Morning Team Tries To ‘Escape The Room’ ”

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Conditions:The minimum age for our games is 9 years old. Children 9-13 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult. Children 14+ can play independently without adults. Children under 8 years old are not allowed in our rooms.

5 Quests Escape Rooms

Unit 7 Histon House
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Dublin 18

Tel: +353 1 2070485
Email: gamemaster@5quests.com
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