GoQuest Indoor Challenge Zone


GoQuest Indoor Challenge Zone is a purpose built, interactive series of rooms and challenges designed for groups. Challenges can be enjoyed by groups of kids from 12yrs up and especially as a team building exercise for corporate groups, clubs and teams. Children aged 8-11 can participate as part of a family team, children under 8 are not permitted.

As parents, many of us remember the Kyrpton factor from years ago, or other similar mind and trivia games recently like the The Cube. This gets you close to what GoQuest Indoor Challenge Zone is about!

goquest indoor challenge zone


GoQuest has four themed challenge zones in this superb purpose built arena: Jungle Jeopardy, Time Travel, Sports & Play and Hidden Ireland. The activities offered in each are Physical, Skill and Mental challenges, spread across a total of 28 rooms or four zones of fun of interactive fun.

The zones are fully automated and have live scoring, so that’s one less thing to worry about. You concentrate on solving the challenges, the zones will keep the score!

In GoQuest you take part in teams of 3 to 5 people and the venue can accommodate up to 15 teams per session. Each session last for 2 hours including briefing, challenge arena activity and wrap up.

Perfect for:

  • Parties for older children (12+)
  • Ideal for get togethers and nights out
  • Stag & hen parties
  • Social groups, sports clubs and charities
  • Teenagers – secure environment, fun and secure entertainment

days out for Families

GoQuest is the perfect fun activity for older kids, if there are three to five people then you’ll be taking part in one team. Higher numbers are split into multiple teams. At DayOut.ie, we often get feedback from parents who have difficulty finding activities for teenagers – those middle age kids who are too old for play centres. GoQuest solves that problem and it also has the added benefit that adults can also take part, hence it’s the perfect day out for families! Just don’t lose or they’ll be dining out on it for a week!.

days out for schools

A super day for school tours catering for ages 12yrs (circa 6th class) and then also secondary school classes. Provides the opportunity to put the brain power to work but is also an excellent group environment challenge, teaching young adults and teenagers about the importance of team work.

Perfect for :-
                Parties for older children (12+) 

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nights out for corporate groups

GoQuest is ideal for work and corporate groups, as a warm up activity before going out for the evening meal or drinks. The mix of activities, combined with a range themed zones is sure to keep your group entertained and appeal to the broad mix of interests in larger adult groups. Fun, interactive, small teams, unique challenges, professionally run with advanced technology and most of all your group will be happy and motivated at the end!


Sessions start every 45 minutes after opening time but allow 2 hours at GoQuest. Remember we open outside of these hours for school and group bookings and open at 1p.m. during mid term breaks.

Day Session Times
Monday (excl Bank Holidays see below)
Currently Closed
Tuesday (Special early Opening – Pre Booking Essential)
10:45  11.30  12:15  13:00  13:45  14:30  15:15 16:00  16:45  17:30  18:15  19:00
(19:45 On Request)
13:45  14:30  15:15  16:00  16:45  17:30 18:15  19:00
(19:45 On Request)
13:45  14:30  15:15  16:00  16:45  17:30  18:15  19:00
(19:45 On Request)
13:45  14:30  15:15  16:00  16:45  17:30  18:15  19:00
(19:45 On Request)
11.30  12:15  13:00  13:45  14:30  15:15  16:00 16:45 17:30 18:15 19:00 (19:45 on request)
12 noon  12:45  13:30  14:15  15:00 5:45  16:30 17:15 (18:00 On request)
Bank Holidays
12 noon 12:45  13:30  14:15  15:00  15:45  16:30 17:15 (18:00 On request)

GoQuest Indoor Challenge Zone

Exit 5 – M50
23 North Park,
North Road, Dublin 11


Ticket Type Price
Standard Ticket (to up 11 people) €18.00
Corporate Package Ticket 12+ People €24
Group Ticket Rate (11+ people) €16.50
Corporate Package 6-11 people €27

Call: 01 6855005
Email: hello@goquest.ie
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