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“ is a valued communication method used by Dublinia, we feel it is the right kind of web site to hit our exact target market…”
MT Byrne, Marketing Manager, Dublinia

for Venues

  • we’re #1 in Google for ‘family days out’
  • we’re #1 in Google for ‘days out in Dublin’

for Hotels

  • we’re #1 in Google for ‘Overnight Choices’


1. is alive!
Other web sites appear static and look the same now as they did 3 months ago. is alive, dynamic and evolving daily…(as you read this, we’re writing!)

2. On site reviews
You’ll always see pictures of the DayOut team visiting venues around the country. We don’t just make lists, we actively promote what we do!

DayOut Team at the opening of the highest and longest Zip Line in Ireland – Tayto Park, Ashbourne, Co Meath (…..we made sure he went down it!!)

















3. How you are found!
Not everyone knows what they want to do, or where they want to go. We dropped all the jazzy searches and got back to basics. With our drop down county guides at the top of our site, you can search your own county, the county next door or whatever county you like to find a day out. For venue operators, it means our users are potentially 1 click away from reading about you!

4. We re-invest
Hosting, Responsive design, Advanced SEO and Full Social Media Integration are not free. We constantly upgrade and re-invest in our sites so that people find us quicker and easier. This means our advertisers get seen more and enjoy higher conversions. was one of the first sites in the Recreation & Leisure sector to move to responsive design for tablet and mobile browsing.

5. Our Google rank
A high catchment domain name means we enjoy a continuous stream of qualified traffic to our site. We’re one of the highest ranked sites in Google in our sector. You’ll notice lots of other web sites using the words ‘day out‘ in their SEO and Adwords campaigns, which continues to add value to our ranking.

(search ‘family days out’ right now in Google)

6. Unrivaled Advertising Packages
You won’t get the features we offer from any other web site. Coupled with that, we give you visibility on more than 1 site. We stripped our advertising costs back to the bare minimum. Like you, we work hard and love what we do but we also need to cover our costs!

7. Promoting Irish business
We have reduced and restructured our advertising products to assist and suit Irish venue operators who want to advertise online but have reduced budgets. We continue to assist new tourism, recreation and leisure start up businesses with online advertising. We promote numerous Events at no charge to help promote Irish operators and venues.

8. Giving back
Coupled with our efforts in promoting Irish business, has sponsored and contributed to numerous community events over the years, including training and match kits for teams, kids school events, industry giveaways & competitions and zero fee promotion of charity events. We’re proud of all of it and we have no plans to change this.

get listed - sponsorship gives back to local community


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