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Decorative Arts and History Museum Dublin

arts and history museum dublin

Decorative Arts and History Museum Dublin is located in Collins Barracks, across the River Liffey from the Guinness Storehouse. The museum features exhibits from Ireland’s past and covers the two main themes – Decorative Arts exploring clothing, garments, furniture, jewellery and ceramics and Military History, exploring equipment, supplies, combat dress and dedicated exhibits covering the 1916 Easter Rising. Proclaiming A

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Irish Military War Museum

The Irish Military War Museum in Collon, Co Louth is a must see for history and War enthusiasts.  Housing the largest and finest collection of WW2 vehicles, weapons and artefacts ever assembled in Ireland. Covering the Political and International events of the past two World Wars, this museum is both an educational visit and a historical insight into the lives

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Duncannon Military Fort

Duncannon Military Fort is a unique visitor experience located in a coastal setting in New Ross Co Wexford. The original fortification was built in 1588 to provide a look out and first line coastal defence in expectation of an attack from the Spanish Armada. Surrounded by a 30ft high dry moate, with interior buildings that surround a central parade ground.

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Battle of the Boyne

Battle of the Boyne is commemorated in this beautiful visitor centre location near the site of the Battle in Drogheda. Stroll through historical exhibitions in Oldbridge House and learn how the battle was fought on that fateful day in 1690 between King James and King William. At stake were the British throne, French Dominance in Europe and religious power in

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