Eagles Flying

eagles flyingEagles Flying is a demonstration Bird of Prey sanctuary in County Sligo. It is renowned as the largest centre for Birds of Prey and Owls in Ireland. Established in 1999 the centre was originally set up for research purposes only and was known as the Irish Raptor Research Centre.

Come and experience these wonderful creatures and their aerial grace. Falconry was regarded as the sport of Kings, now you can experience these soaring raptors close up.

Situated on 27 hectares, the sanctuary is home to about 350 birds and animals out of 75 species. During the flying demonstrations scientists share with you the biology of the raptors and their important role in nature. Questions are welcomed from the audience.

Experience some of the biggest birds of prey in the world flying right over your head or landing next to you. Watch different species of eagles hunting on prey-dummies in their natural environment. Be astonished about the arrowlike flight of the falcons and the amazing intelligence of the vultures.

This is a particularly memorable day out for families and extending an understanding of these beautiful birds to children, helps to safeguard future generations and perhaps awaken an interest that could go on to be a lifetime vocation and career. What a wonderful story that would make?

Eagles Flying is set against the scenic backdrop of North West Ireland, in the town of Ballymote, Sligo.

Eagles Flying

County Sligo
Ph: +353 (0)71 9189310
Email: eagles.flying[@]hotmail.com

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