Electric Bike Trails

Electric Bike Trails is a family run business based in Co Leitrim. They offer electric bike hire to tourists and daily visitors and provide extensive local knowledge of the best routes to enjoy family days out and beautiful scenery.

Go off the beaten track with these wonderful electric bikes which charge as you pedal, allowing the small motor to take over when you come to those hills! You just enjoy the ride and take it in your stride. Truly environmentally friendly and adhering to the leave no trace principles of outdoor exploring.

“Leitrim  is like a walled garden lying at the heart of an estate to which the key has been lost” (a quote from Eivlin Roden’s article Ireland of the Welcomes).

What is an electric bike?

An Electric Bicycle is a bicycle fitted with an electric motor and Battery. The motor is activated when the cyclists uses the pedals. All Kalkhoff electric bikes offer low, medium and high assistance to the cyclists. It’s Pedal-assist is limited by law to 25km/h. It is classed as a bicycle and can be cycled without drivers license, tax or insurance.

Benefits of Electric bikes…

  1. No fumes
  2. You decide how much assistance you need
  3. Fast take-off from a standing start
  4. Balances out all levels of personal fitness
  5. Exercise and adventure that’s all fun without the pain!
  6. Made by german company Kalkhoff, riding a Kalkhoff bike is like riding any bike, but with an invisible hand helping you to cope with the difficult bits!

Electric Bike Trails     

Leitrim Village
Carrick on Shannon
Co Leitrim

Phone: +353 (0) 71 9623609
Mobile: +353 (0) 87 7386439

For Seasonal days out in Leitrim, visit www.daysout.ie