Irish Military War Museum

irish military war museumThe Irish Military War Museum in Collon, Co Louth is a must see for history and War enthusiasts.  Housing the largest and finest collection of WW2 vehicles, weapons and artefacts ever assembled in Ireland.

Covering the Political and International events of the past two World Wars, this museum is both an educational visit and a historical insight into the lives of former soldiers on the front and in the trenches on battlefields throughout Europe.

The Irish Military War Museum will recreate in stunning detail examples of trenches of World War One as well as displays of the highly motorized conflict that was World War Two. The Museum will house one of the finest collections of WW2 Allied and Axis vehicles and deactivated weapons ever assembled in Ireland.

Ideal for school tours and group days out. For more school tour ideas, visit

Irish Military War Museum

Co. Meath

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