Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

jeanie johnston tall ship

The Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship is a replica of the famine ship that carried Irish immigrants to the US during an 8 year period in the mid 1800s at the height of the Great Irish Famine.

Docked at Dublin’s Custom House Quay in the city centre, the ship has tours available to the public, offering a unique and educational day out to visitors of all ages.

The original famine tall ship, Jeanie Johnston, was built on the banks of the St. Lawrence River in 1847 in Quebec city, Canada. It was a 408 ton vessel that eventually made 26 emigrant journeys to North America between 1847 and 1855, carrying over 2,500 people with no loss of life.

The Irish famine was one of the most severe Natural disasters, claiming the lives of approximately 1 million Irish citizens from starvation and disease and resulting in the flight from Ireland of about the same number. Taking a tour aboard the Jeanie Johnston allows visitors to see and experience the conditions of the passage to the US – a 7 week journey in cramped conditions with minimal food and water. The museum is below deck and features life-sized figures based on actual passengers who sailed on the ship. It is astonishing that in the 2,500 people who traveled over the 8 years of operation, no single life was recorded lost on the voyages.

jeanie johnston tall ship

Tour Information

Daily Tour Times: 10:00 | 11:00 | 12:00 | 14:00 | 15:00 | 16:00

Adult €10.00
Student/Senior €9.00
Youth (15-17 years) €7.50
Child (under 14) €5.50
Infant (0-3 years) FREE
Family €25.00

Tour duration is 50 minutes and guides will fascinate visitors with stories of the daily life on the voyages, more about the journey itself, the ship and its crew and especially the ships captain and ships doctor. These individuals are acknowledged in history, as being chiefy responsible for the zero fatalities during the ships travels. Amazing to glimpse into this life for even a short time and who knows, perhaps share some of the moments that may have found a place in history of our own family genealogy?

School Tours

School tours aboard the Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship offer a day out with a difference and a real educational experience. Visitors can learn about the people who traveled on the vessel, individual stories as they risked everything at the hope of a better life. Learn about the craftsmanship involved in building the ship and in navigating the vessel from Dublin to North America, long before there was satellite and GPS to guide the crew!

jeanie johnston school tours

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Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

All Tours Begin at the Ship on Custom House Quay, just across the road from Jury’s Inn hotel. This is 350 metres further down river (East) of the Custom House itself.

Custom House Quay, Dublin 1

+353 (0)1 473 0111

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