New Releases at Odeon Cinemas

new releases at odeon cinemas

New Releases at Odeon Cinemas ensure the very best in entertainment for visitors of all ages. In April 2016, screens come alive with the classic story of ‘The Jungle Book’, innocent man-cub Mowgli, a human raised by wolves, sets out on an epic journey of self-discovery. View Trailer for this superb new movie below…

Scouts from ‘Cub Scouts 100′ were at ODEON Charlestown to launch ODEON’s special Scouts and Scout family and friends screening of Disney’s latest live action classic, that takes place on Saturday 23rd April 2016, with two screenings at 9.30am and 12.15pm nationwide.

Founded back in 1930, ODEON is the largest and best-known cinema chain in the UK and Ireland and are at the forefront of redefining cinemas by bringing new, exciting and innovative experiences to cinema – such as full digital projection and the amazing state-of-the-art ISENSE screens at ODEON Point Village, Blanchardstown & Charlestown.

WIN Family Passes!!

To celebrate the launch of Disney’s Jungle Book, ODEON Cinemas have teamed up with to offer 2 family passes to see this super new movie. Tickets are valid for any ODEON location. To enter, simply Answer the following question:

Q. What is the name of the panther in Jungle Book

Submit your Answer, Name and either a contact email or contact phone number using the form below. (want a hint?)


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Big adventures. Far-far-away lands. Unforgettable characters. The enchantment of cinema starts from your very first visit.

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New Releases at Odeon Cinemas

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