The Farmyard

  • Milking a cow the old fashioned way and learning how to churn butter by hand. Youll never be caught short of milk or butter again.. remember there’s never a cow too far away!
  • Test your agility as you try to catch the Cock under the watchful gaze of the nearby hens… Need we say any more!
  • Demonstrate your ability to juggle a number of tasks as you and your friends face the farmyard challenges which are focused on fun, fun and more fun!
  • Discover how well you know your fiancé as you participate in a Mr. and Mrs. Farmyard Treasure trail.
  • Develop a skill for life and prepare for your wedding day as you learn the siege of ennis in its native county.
  • If all else fails learn how to make a loaf of traditional brown bread  and feed it to your starving troops.

Upon completion the bride to be will receive the well coveted Farmyard Certificate. Rumour has it that some priests are requesting a copy of this certificate as a pre-requisite to the wedding registration process!

County Clare
Phone : 065 6798030 / 087 7413618
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