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Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10 plus mile obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit.

If you’re looking to complete a challenging course, which includes obstacles such as ‘Arctic Enema,’ where participants plunge into icy water, ‘Berlin Walls’, a series of 10 foot high walls to conquer and the infamous ‘Everest’ a steep quarter pipe that requires courage and teamwork to summit, then look no further. The 10 plus mile course culminates with ‘Electroshock Therapy,’ where participants run through a field of wires carrying up to 10,000 volts of electricity. 

Tough Mudder is all about camaraderie. It is not a timed race but a team challenge that allows participants to experience world-class obstacles they won’t find anywhere else. Tough Mudder is challenging for even the fittest of competitors as some of the obstacles are virtually impossible to complete alone, but the course is achievable for people of all backgrounds, if they work together.

In just over 5 years this 10 mile obstacle course challenge has attracted more than 2 million participants, with over 60 events in 7 countries in 2015 alone. Tough Mudder are partnering with Run Ireland for this Irish event which is expected to attract thousands of participants and spectators over the two day weekend event.

In 2017 we’re returning to Loughcrew where Tough Mudder Dublin, Presented by Merrell promises to push anyone who isn’t prepared to their limits. Another gut-busting course awaits – thick mud, rolling hills, deep woods and plenty of obstacles. 

FERGAL from did the course last year, here’s his survival guide….

fergal tough mudder

Fergal from looks a little tired here! He says….. “honestly the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time. It’s a commando course for grown ups and I wasn’t going to miss it! Can’t wait for next year!!”

Q. Seriously, is this a tough course?
A. My honest answer is that you don’t actually have any concept of the distance you’re doing, all you’re thinking about is the next obstacle. If you have a bunch of friends together, it’s gonna be a great day. Walk it and have a chat, sit down and chill or jog a bit and walk a bit – whatever suits you. It’s not a race so time means nothing on the day. I asked one of the marshals last year how far we were and she said “you’re about half way”. She then gave me a hug!

the stare tough mudder

focus and grit!

Q. As the name suggests, there’s plenty of mud right?
A. We went on the 2nd day last Summer, in one of the mid day waves so the place was churned up to bits. Some people prefer that!, others go the first day where it’s still reasonably fresh. There’s lots and lots of mud – you are going to get dirty and wet. If you want to go for a run, got to the park. If you want a commando course challenge, go do Tough Mudder!.

muddy tough mudder

might just marry this girl!

Q. You need to be fit though right?
A. I saw people last year that were all shapes and sizes, old and young. It’s a not a race, you do the course at your own pace and everyone helps each other. There’s a great sense of buzz, fun and camaraderie. Nobody gets left behind. It probably helps if you can walk a couple of K, last year I did absolutely no prep for this. I pulled up in the car park, got out and did 15K cross country. (Couldn’t walk for 2 days afterwards mind you!)

tough mudder 2017

Just ease into it there….

Q. People say you need upper body strength to be able to get over obstacles?
A. Listen, there’s absolutely no method to any of these obstacles. You meet them, you beat them or you walk around it. You might go head first, sideways or arse first. You do what you need to do and you can be guaranteed if you’re struggling on anything, someone beside you will lift you over it. I saw chains of people linking last year to help others up and over obstacles – strangers helping each other and enjoying their day out! It was great. Alternatively, you can also just walk around the obstacle and get on with your day.

tough mudder helping hand

Q. Right….so off the record….what was the Artic Enema like?

A. Wow, we knew this was on the course somewhere and it kind of snook up on us so we weren’t mentally prepared for it at all when we go to it. Picture a very large bath with a pole across the middle. It’s about tummy/lower chest deep and it’s full of water and ice cubes. (The ice cubes are not melted cause they keep restocking it from a refrigerated container right beside it!) So you sit on the edge of this thing wondering are you going to do it and then you just slide down into it. 

tough mudder artic enema

Ice in the shorts – beware!

When you land in it you don’t feel the cold. It’s when you immerse yourself to go under the pole and come up the other side that it hits you. The TM photographers place themselves here on the course from time to time to catch the reactions and they’re so good!!.

The sensation is like nothing you’re ever experienced and I mean that in a good way. It’s soooo flippin’ cold that you body just seizes for about 20 seconds and then it comes…..the tingly sensation where you just go all warm. Seriously, it’s the weirdest thing…..your muscles need it after the slog you’re been thru and it actually refreshes you to go again. Guess that’s why all these athletes use the ‘plunge pool’ in spas and hotels – they actually work! It really surprised me and I’m so glad I did it.

Q. If you weren’t involved in, would you recommend Tough Mudder?
A. Ah seriously, to use the old cliche – “you have no idea what you’re missing“. The fun and craic on the day is an absolute blast – hopping into lakes with your clothes on, running through rivers, climbing through tunnels, over hay bales and running up slippy ramps etc. I grew up doing outdoor stuff and climbing trees in the fields beside our house so this was absolute heaven to me. The craic with the lads and with other people on the day just makes it. That beer at the end – man, you drink it and enjoy it! I wasn’t leaving without my t-shirt and headband because I earned them and I wanted everyone to know I did this!


1) Use the fuelling stations along the way – they give you bananas, water and chocolate bars and it’s a great energy boost. They’re all free (it’s not like you can carry a wallet with you!)

2) Go to Woodies and get the skin tight flexy gloves – they are brilliant. Cost about €4.99 and they will seriously help on the ropes and obstacles.

3) There’s a debate about whether you should wear trainers or hiking boots. Personally I wore hiking boots cause I expected the ground to be churned up and I wanted the ankle support. They get weighed down of course with the mud and water but they don’t be long emptying out. Having been through it, I would probably wear them again. Some of the lads had trainers so it’s a personal choice. You’ll see all sorts of foot wear and outfits on the day so it’s anything goes. If you’re planning on wearing any type of costume, just be aware that it’s great fun starting out but you’ll probably be binning it shortly after starting – everything is heavier with water and mud!

3) Bring a complete change of clothes, towels and some black bags. There are hose showers at the end outside the course but there can be a long queue. Better to open the boot of your car, get some bottles of water and clean down your face and hair. Strip everything off and put into the black bags and put towels down on the car seats. Put new clothes on and drive home for a shower!. You’ll be coming across turf and twigs in all sorts of places for a few days afterwards!

Depends on whether you want to keep the clothes or not, I was using old kit so simply dumped them. I power hosed my boots and they came up better that when I started!

I’ll see you there on the Sunday. Use code TM17DAYOUT for a smacker of a discount and get your tickets here

Every participant ticket purchase includes:

  • Tough Mudder Ticket
  • Headband
  • Merrell Performance Finisher T-Shirt
  • Cold beer at the end
  • Snacks along the course
  • Free snaps if you spot the photographers
  • A hose down if you want it

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