Zipit Farran Woods Cork


Zipit Farran Woods Cork

Only 20 minutes from Cork city, beside the National Rowing Centre and Inniscarra Lake.
With a children’s playground, deer enclosure and duck pond, there is plenty to keep the whole family entertained.
Climb high into the treetops, swing into cargo nets, surf with a difference or try cycling a BMX over a treetop bridge.

Zipit Farran Woods Cork has ample car parking, toilets and a playground. Other features include a wildlife enclosure which holds a small herd of red and fallow deer which can easily be viewed from the walking trail and a large duck pond. A visit to Farran Forest Park is an educational experience for both young and old.


Please note there is a Coillte operated Pay station at Farran Forest Park with a Fee of €5 Per Car – accepts 50 cent, €1, €2 coins.

The pay station does not accept Credit Cards or Bank Notes.

DayOut Comment:We have visited the Zipit course in Lough Key and highly recommend this as a day out for family and groups. Absolutely great fun and an ideal activity for stag or hen groups!”

How big is the course? 1 Course, 5 Circuits, 86 Activities
OK, so how long is the whole course? Total of all 5 circuits stretch over 1.2km.
Is there lot’s of zip lines? Yes, we have over 800 metres of zip lines at Farran Park!
How long is the longest zip line? It’s on the Blue Circuit and it’s 150m.
What sort of activities will I be doing? Rope bridges, tightropes, cargo nets, climbing walls, zip lines, surfboard, ladders, bmx, base jumps.
How long will it take? Each participant has their harness for a maximum of 4 hours in order to complete the full course and this includes the initiation circuit. If you don’t wish to move on to the next circuit or you have a height/age restriction then you have the option of repeating the earlier circuits.
Can anyone do it? Minimum age is 7 years. Minimum Height is 1m. Maximum Weight is 120kg (leg strap dimensions can also limit fitting of harness)
How high is the Green Circuit From 1 – 2 metres high, great for kids and beginners.
How high are the Orange and White Family Circuits? From 2 – 8 metres in places.
How high is the Blue Circuit? The highest point is about 15m This is also the longest circuit and contains the most amount of zip lines, around 600 metres in fact!!!
How high is the Red Circuit? It’s a similar height as the Blue (about 15 metres) but it is very challenging, requiring upper body strength.

Zipit Farran Woods Cork

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