Zipit Tibradden Wood Dublin


Zipit Tibradden Wood Dublin

Nestled on a sloping site in the Dublin Mountains, only 15 minutes from Dundrum Town Centre.
Enjoy panoramic views of Dublin Bay and Howth from this beautiful pine forest. Bringing their adrenaline-pumping, high wire trail to the fabulous pine forest of Tibradden Wood (known locally as Pine Forest).

Zipit Tibradden Wood Dublin

DayOut have visited the Zipit set up in Lough Key Forest Park in Roscommon, it’s just a little short drive away from Carrick On Shannon, which as you’ll know is a popular stop over for Stags and Hens. If you’re staying the weekend in Carrick or locally, then this is your Saturday all sorted!

So back to Zipit Tibradden. What is it and What can you do?

Well, if the Lough Key location is anything to go by, you’re in for a treat! Zipt is basically a suspended assault course. There’s some upper body strength activities required but don’t let that put you off – there’s a series of courses and you an choose differnt routes based on how cool you think you are! Generally speaking, it’s an easy going stroll through the tree tops with some great craic included. It’s great for groups or girls or guys as a pre cursor to the night out – the stories it’ll give you are just priceless!! On our trip, we had guys that were basically knackered and had to be rescued by being winched down to ground level – very,very funny! Lots of ammunition for months to come!.  You know the guys in the group that always said they’d love to tackle those SAS courses and could survive for a weekend on a slice of bark and a caterpillar, it’s for those too!

Zipit Tibradden Wood

The team at Zipit Tibradden Wood, like all other Zipt venues,  are all highly trained in rope techniques and there’s a small induction course before you get going. This is really important so don’t feel that you’re grand and think you’ll skip it. The crucial thing to remember is that you are never not connected to the safety system. The course has heavy duty steel cables all the way along it and you have 2 carabiners (and a small pully wheel!!) on your safety harness. The system is designed so that one carabiner has to be connected at all times. By the 2nd or 3rd obstacle you’ll have it sorted with clicking in and clicking out. Just in case you thought you’d be left to your own devices up there, you’re not!, so there’s no excuse not to get out there and give it go.


Personally speaking, we loved it and in the office here at DayOut, it remains as a key highlight on the days out we’ve had around the country. (and we do quite a few!!)

So please, go swing through the trees and enjoy spectacular views of Dublin City and Ireland’s Eye. Zipit Tibradden offers a different experience to Lough Key, with tall straight pine trees giving an illusion of even more height when you are traversing the obstacles.

As well as that, Tibradden Wood and surroundings have many walking trails from moderate to difficult, with the Tibradden Trail of 2.4km offering panoramic views of Dublin Bay and Howth. Get out there, it really is a superb day out. Highly recommended.

Zipit Tibradden Wood

Co. Dublin
Ph: (01) 495 2340

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